Privacy policy and the issue of personal data processing

Privacy policy and the issue of personal data processing

Privacy policy

The website is owned by MODZELEWSKA & PAŚNIK Sp.j. From our privacy policy you can learn how we collect, use and release information given to us through the website. Please read our privacy policy before using our website and transferring any data through it.

Use of the website means that you accept the provisions of our privacy policy available on The transfer of data through this website means you agree that we collect, use and release your data in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy.

MODZELEWSKA & PAŚNIK Sp.j., the owner of the website , does not sell or disclose any collected personal data to third parties. Internet website means the website located under the address:

We reserve the right to implement changes in our privacy policy.

This website is not addressed to children under the age of 13. We do not bear responsibility for information collected from persons from this age group.

The users of the website remain anonymous until they decide otherwise or take actions specific for certain parts of the website that require the disclosure of some personal data.

Each user that provides his/her data has the right to review, edit and delete this data.

Only authorized employees and persons servicing the website have direct access to the website users’ personal data. The authorized persons are obliged to keep the data strictly confidential and to prohibit access of unauthorized persons.

Information placed on the website is subject to copyright protection. Reproduction, translation, entry into memory, processing onto other electronic media is prohibited. The copy and use, also in fragments, is allowed (except for use for private purposes) upon obtaining the consent from MODZELEWSKA & PAŚNIK Sp.j. The content and structure of the website are subject to copyright protection. Reproducing information, use of texts, in whole or in part, or graphic designs, requires the prior written consent of MODZELEWSKA & PAŚNIK Sp.j. The right to publish and reproduce is vested exclusively in MODZELEWSKA & PAŚNIK Sp.j.

The collected information can be handed over to local or foreign justice authorities that may apply different legal provisions regarding data protection than those used in your country of residence.

MODZELEWSKA & PAŚNIK Sp.j. does not bear responsibility for the data disclosed in the website and any potential losses connected with the use of the website.

During the use of you may be asked to provide your data in an application. The data is required in order to use specific parts of the website, including during the use of the module “recommend our webpage” and „contact form”. The information entered via the application will not be archived. Any and all information will be sent directly to the email address indicated in the application or to the correspondence address indicated in the “contact form”. When filling out any types of applications/forms, a consent to the processing of personal data in relation to the operations on the website must be granted.

An application concerning personal data which is not entirely filled out may be the reason for the partial block of access to the website.

The administrator of this webpage took the necessary steps in order to secure the presented personal data and to protect it from malpractice, unauthorized access and getting lost, and from the change or damage of data or from making the data available. Please remember that there are no fully safe and error-free information transfers. In particular, e-mails sent through the website may not be safe.

Our website includes links leading to other internet pages. This declaration on protection of data does not cover such internet pages. We have no influence on the observance of data protection law by the administrators of such internet pages.

On the basis of information and data obtained from the users of the webpage, and also on the basis of technical data connected with logging in to the website and browsing on it, collective statistical compilations are made which are disclosed to third parties. These statistical compilations do not include data allowing the identification of individual users.

All registered names and company logos appearing in the materials made available on were used for identification purposes only.

Cookie files
"Cookies" (configuration files) ease the use of the website by storing data necessary to log in to the website and gather statistics. Using the website is also possible without the use of cookie files. Most internet browsers automatically accept cookie files. You can turn them off at any time or set up your internet browser in a manner that will inform everybody about situations connected with sending these types of files.


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